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Friday Prayer

Khutba: 1:00 PM

Prayer: 1:30 PM



Dar Al-Hijrah Center is a fruit of a weekly Quran study gathering 'Halaga' established by a group of Sudanese immigrants to the city of Chicago about two decades ago. The group used to meet every Tuesday in the house of one of its member to recite and study the Noble 'Quran' please read more...

Weekly Hadeath   حديث الاسبوع

Weekly Hadeath حديث الاسبوع

Weekly Selected Hadeath احاديث الاسبوع المختاره

Khateeb This Week       خطيب الجمعة

Khateeb This Week خطيب الجمعة

Upcoming Lectures & Events

Upcoming Lectures & Events

Quran Recitation of the week

Quran Recitation of the week

School News

School News

To Serve, Educate and Inspire. The Center has established itself as a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to improving lives, strengthening community, and fostering civic engagement through a diverse offering of community programs, sevices, and special events. The Center has grown into a recognized Center of religious revival.

We need all the help that we can get to take this project to the next level. In particular we need help with professional photographer to help us record all of the activities that take place in our center. Please click on the icon at the top to provide us with your contact and how you can help us. Thank you.

Your help with this project is greatly appreciated by us and rewarded by Allah Almighty, please click on the top icon to go to the pledge from. We ask Allah to accept from all of us.​

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